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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Love You Give Me

I wouldn’t make it, I mean, I wouldn’t able to go through hardship or depression without the love of my parents and few close people.

I know I am not an easy person to be understood and sometimes I could be hard to handle. But the love from my parents and close people has always wrapped me tightly. They just never let me go. And it is strong enough to make me never completely lost my mind in hardship or in depression..

Their love..
Warms me in cold, lonely, despair days.
Enlights me in the dark moments.
Gives me courage when I find no reason to live a day.
Helps me find my way when I am lost.
Keeps me sane when I think I am losing my mind.
But most important thing is they are with me through thick and thin..

I see their love when I cried on their shoulder; when they lent their ears to hear me  unburdened my troubled soul; when they made me laugh at the time I wanted to cry; when they stick to me at the time I couldn’t appreciate their presence; when they have faith in me at the time I completely discouraged .

This is my way to say I love you guys and thank you for your love to me..

* Dedicated to my parents, my boyfriend, few beloved true friends and loving students.

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