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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gold or Brass?

I was waiting for my ride when a teenager girl with her younger brother passed me. They have just eaten all of their snacks and I saw the girl put their snacks plastic wrapper in her backpack after she realized there was no trash can nearby.

I thought ‘WOW’. I mean, really, obviously I am not the only one who ‘likes’ to carry trash when I don’t see any trash can nearby.

You would ask what is so big deal about this. Well, let me tell you that most people in south east asia don’t care too much about littering.

They throw away trash on the street, into the river, put it under the seat when they are riding on public transportation and even in public places. When ask why do they do that, their answer is same ‘there’s no trash can nearby’.

The government has placed many trash can around the city though not in public transportation.

The people, however, is too lazy to look around to find a trash can. They think since none is to be found nearby then what the hell, just throw the trash on the street, into the river, put it under the passenger seat.

It is all about mentality, people. I mean, I worked as a teacher for 6 years and we always teach the students about hygiene, health and littered. But I also see how it stuck in some but forgotten by others.

Why? That has always become my question. Why to some people, it really absorbed into their minds, attitudes and characters while totally evaporate to others?

The same question came to my head as I see people come to their worship places. In there they are taught, given, trained and heard many good values. But howcome only very few of them practice those values in real life while majority do not.

This bothers me so much that I am really left in sarcasm when people speak to me about religious matters. I mean, please, give me a break, will ya… I don’t need you to preach it,  I wanna see how you behave when you are ill or when you have problems, when things just don’t please you.. would your attitude at those hard time still synchronized with those religious words you speak to me..

Very very very rare that I see them able to act according to their beliefs.

So gold will still be gold even when it is covered in mud.

Brass? Though it is gold plating but it is still brass. Sooner or later the plating will eventually wipe away and came the real material behind it.

If you are gold, you will always be gold. You speak as gold. You behave like gold. Time, water nor fire can wore you off. Nothing can fake gold. 

But if you are brass, you remain as brass. You may try to fake it and you can fool people to believe that you are gold. Everybody can act like gold or speak like gold but remember this, you can never be gold when you are brass. The real of you will come to the surface, that’s the law of everyone’s nature.

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