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Monday, November 26, 2012

Letting Go

“You have to learn to let things go, babe, otherwise they are gonna destroy you” said my boyfriend few days ago.

He is right.

I know I have been carrying too many anger, bitterness and disappointment. They have been piling up inside of me like a volcano and two months ago they erupted.

The thing is, I don’t know how to let go the ill feelings. I just suppressing them. Denying their existence. Fooling myself by believing that I am an easy going person who would never made things complicated.

“Religious stuff can’t solve the problem” I sighed “It surely can’t soothe my feelings. How could it anyway? I have lost faith on it”.

“Look, let’s take a look at your life. It is actually getting better, right?. The bleeding has stopped for two weeks now and it makes your health improved. Work is doing ok, the bitches are not bitching you anymore, you will get the payment that has been delayed..”

“Ok. So the problems have gone away. Still...”.

“Now let go, baby” he whispered “Let go all your anger, bitterness and disappointment. They ain’t worth it”.

I take his advise to my heart and put them into practice. 

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