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Sunday, November 18, 2012


I went to Jakarta last month and never knew I would have quite an adventure after the train I rode back to my home town Bogor had power failure that forced it to stop in Depok.  

So there I was, found myself stranded in nowhere.

Outside the train station I realized every public transportation was full because it was the time when people go home from work. So after analysed the situation I thought I had to go to the terminal to take any transportation I could get to Bogor.

A man working at the terminal told me to take this particular car. However, the driver did not give me clear answer when I asked about his route. He only ensured me that he would take me to the crossroad. Umm.., what crossroad?.. where the heck is that?. His reply was just from there I could take another transportation to Bogor.   

What choice did I have?. I felt like I was in the middle of nowhere.

We got at the crossroad. The driver pointed the road and said cross it and there should be transportation that would take me to Bogor.

It was dark already as my watch showed it was 7 pm. The information was blur. I crossed the road anyway and started to watch closely if there was any public transportation enroute to Bogor. Just as I was starting to get nervous, I saw a bus with its sign ‘Bogor’. So I got on it not knowing the route.

Two changing buses and about one and a half hour later I arrived home safely.

I would call that experience like going into a labyrinth.

Similar experience happened more than ten years ago when I went to a mall. Not for shopping. I needed to see some people from its accounting department to collect the payment for the advertisement they put on the company where I worked at that time.

On the way out I realized I couldn’t locate the entrance. It was quite embarrassing to approach the security and said ‘sir, could you show me the way to the entrance door?’. Lol.  

Another time I felt I was inside of a labyrinth is when I met two former colleagues at Plaza Indonesia. The three of us went up and down the elevator and asked for directions for more than once but still unable to locate the floor we would like to go to. We giggled our siliness and made the journey fun though at the end of it everbody felt our feet were killing us.

I think life is like a giant labyrinth. Sometimes I felt I knew where to go. Other time I found myself in nowhere. Many times I bump myself into the wall. The direction signage are all blur or simply misdirected.

Lately I feel I’m completely lost and I have to find my own way out.

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