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Knowing that I say it better in writing, and I do love writing, I decided to write my experiences and thoughts in this blog so this is my e-diary.

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Buat saya mengungkapkan isi hati dan pemikiran lebih gampang dilakukan dalam bentuk tulisan dan karena saya juga senang menulis, saya memutuskan menulis hal-hal yang saya alami dan yang ada dalam pikiran saya dalam blog ini.

Untuk yang tidak bisa berbahasa Indonesia, jangan khawatir, blog ini saya tulis dalam bahasa Indonesia dan Inggris.

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Monday, September 3, 2012

All Set, All Packed, Ready to go

The bags are packed. The accommodation has been booked. 

The long awaited vacation is about to start very soon! Ha-ha. Can't wait.

Won't be going long though, much to my regret, but it's better than not to have it at all. 

We have been to several beautiful places but this one particular travel destination remains to be our favorite place to go to.

I will return and share you the stories...

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