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Knowing that I say it better in writing, and I do love writing, I decided to write my experiences and thoughts in this blog so this is my e-diary.

Don't speak Indonesian? No need to worry, it is written both in Indonesian and in English.

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Buat saya mengungkapkan isi hati dan pemikiran lebih gampang dilakukan dalam bentuk tulisan dan karena saya juga senang menulis, saya memutuskan menulis hal-hal yang saya alami dan yang ada dalam pikiran saya dalam blog ini.

Untuk yang tidak bisa berbahasa Indonesia, jangan khawatir, blog ini saya tulis dalam bahasa Indonesia dan Inggris.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Got my own blog now !

Cool, I’ve finally made it to set up my own blog yesterday. I’ve been wanting to have a blog but never really made it. I’m so excited to have it. Now I’ve 1 more media to work on my writing skill but it also provides sort of a diary … well, it’s awesome to have an online diary .. thanks to technology … u know, I’d give nobel prizes to internet & ice cream inventors … lol ..

I wrote a little about what we had in school yesterday but that's in Indonesian so I write it again in brief in english now. Once a month school arranges to have 2 kids’ parents serving meals. School gives some money for that of course. Kids just have to bring their own rice to school. 

We don't have canteen in school so kids usually bring their own snacks. 

So yesterday's menu was chicken soup, susage - tofu croquette, fish chips & banana. mmmmm .... yummmyyy ... glad the students in my class are less picky on their meals. 

I also wrote about Michelle who's been moody in the past 3 days. Don't know why. She could have tantrums 4-5 times over some silly things. Giving me headache because she wouldn't tell me why. Geez, sometimes I wish if only I were a genie so I could get inside my students' minds. It would make things easy to understand what's in there ... lol ...

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